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Developing your skills online

We wouldn't traditionally think of online mental health training as a way of improving our skills as a therapist or clinician- usually we do this in live workshops and through supervision.  But right now, and maybe for a long time, we may have to learn in new ways.  As a qualified psychologist, psychotherapist, or mental health clinician you know how important it is to keep your training up to date and maintain your ongoing professional development.   Here I hope you will find new free online mental health resources suitable and interesting for psychologists and psychotherapists. As well as online lectures, webinars and e-learning about psychological interventions and theories there are also resources to support research and reflect on professional issues.  

To access information about your client group please follow the links on the site overview (click below).   Currently this includes adults, children and young people, neuropsychology, and older adults.  As the site develops I hope to add resources relevant to anyone working with people who have learning disabilities and communication difficulties and other groups.  

To take a more random approach click on the 'lucky dip' and see what you find there.

If you have any ideas about material that could be added to the site please get in touch.  

if you would like to hear about new free online training as I add it to the site, and especially if you are interested in signing up for LIVE webinars, please register below and I will send you regular emails highlighting changes and LIVE training sessions.

If you are interested in developing your research knowledge or skills, or building your wider professional knowledge check the menu above for further options.  

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