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The idea for building this website came from my frustration at not being able to learn by meeting people, talking, watching, listening and laughing.  The photo above was taken by Paul Gilbert at a conference dinner in Berlin last summer - how I miss those conferences and my friends now.  Social distancing means that we may not be able to learn or meet in the same informal causal way for some time.  In the meantime though we have an opportunity to explore the wide wide world of online learning.   

My background is in clinical psychology and research.  I've worked largely within a cognitive and behavioural model.  My research has been on depression, anxiety and psychotherapy.  Most of my recent work has been on depression in young people. Inevitably, what you will find here will be heavily influenced by my own training and life long learning from many wonderful colleagues.  I've also had the pleasure of developing and delivering online courses through FutureLearn ( and e-learning via MindED ( and both are featured here.  

Online learning cannot replace face to face experiential learning alongside friends and colleagues but perhaps we can build a similar sense of friendship and community here.  And because we are online we have the whole world to connect with.  I hope you keep coming back. Please tell me about free online training that could be shared here.

If you would like to receive news about new training, especially LIVE events, but also new content on the site, please sign up below.

You can take a look at my publications below and download any published since 2012 here

I am also Director of CBTReach Ltd, a new company that provides high quality online CBT workshops for qualified CBT therapists.   Come along and check us out at or follow us on @cbtreach 

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