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Free and high quality CPD - it really does exist

This blog and this website is for people like me who work in mental health, who practice, research or teach psychological therapies, and who want to keep on top of the new best evidence, research and information. Like me you probably don't have a lot of time so I am here to guide you towards free stuff you probably don't know exists that will help you be the best informed therapist you can be. I know that most of us love to learn, find our jobs fascinating, and stimulating, and challenging, and that we struggle to find the time to fit everything in.

The internet is our friend. It is full of helpful and well informed people, who post useful and free information. It's also full of nonsense, people who spout absolute and sometimes dangerous rubbish. Most of the time we have a good filter but to find the good study you have to learn to be selective. I'm selective and fussy. I've spent my life deciding what research is good enough, what 'good' and safe clinical practice looks like, and working alongside and for some of the best clinical researchers out there. So my aim is to use this website to share some of that stuff with you.

I may veer off tack from time to time - you may find the odd diversion into food, travel (but not right now alas!), family, friends and all other good things. After all the name of this website is "Do more of what matters" and that means taking the wider perspective from time to time. Ignore those bits, or enjoy them or simply tolerate them I really don't mind - but what ever your reaction do take the time to let me know - you can get in touch via the website and I'd love to hear from you.

So my next job is going to be how to learn to use this website I've started to put together, and then to make links to all the stuff I've found and that I think you will like and find useful. As we go on I'll start to categories it but right now there's nothing.....hopefully not for long. Hold tight, it's coming and it'll be right here. But for now, enjoy the picture below - and if you've seen it already enjoy it again

Oh and before you go here's an interview with Aaron Beck, yes the CBT Beck. He's being interviewed by his daughter Judith, who is also a prominent CBT therapist and their conversation is relaxed and intimate. It takes about an hour

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Shirley Reynolds
Shirley Reynolds
29. Juni 2020

I'm sending myself a comment to make sure it works ok - but also just to encourage you all to do the same. Please let me know what works and what doesn't = but also please let us all know about other good FREE online training. I've already learned about brilliant new stuff including the TwoShrinks podcast from Australia and I know there is more out there just waiting for us to find it.

Gefällt mir
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